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Gift for Everyone: Rubik’s Cube

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I managed to actually finish a Rubik’s cube for the first time yesterday. I would have to say however, that is was mainly a fluke. It comes with instructions that are actually fairly easy to follow… but I must admit that I don’t do most of the first steps because it’s easier just to do […]

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Child’s Play Charity This amazing charity is devoted to providing games and consoles to children in hospitals. Games have been shown to not only make the kids happier but to make them healthier, increase their self esteem, and even increase their recovery rate. Games can give these kids the fun that they need without exposing them to […]

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More fun games, not pretty games

I’ve been noticing an amazing trend in games over the years. As technology advances, we are better able to create more and more realistic games. Graphically games are becoming more and more advanced with high resolution textures and models, great animation and extensive storyline. One would think that this would mean better games right? Wrong! […]

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