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Men and Women Can’t be Friends?

First, a relevant youtube video which seems to indicate that men and women cannot be just friends. But is the conclusion true? More importantly, what are the implications if it were true? Firstly, it seems to me as if this may be a cultural issue, not a universal issue. That is, it may not be […]

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Why People Are Offended

More and more it seems like people are getting easier and easier to offend. Course language, nudity, displays of affection, homosexuality, and even just disagreeing with someone seem to illicit an extreme reaction in some people. Often they become angry, belligerent and sometimes even violent. But why? What is it that causes these people to […]

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Quantum Physics and Philosophy

Quantum mechanics is some freaky stuff and it certainly does have many philosophical implications. However, the implications that most point to are rarely based on any real knowledge of quantum mechanics. Instead it is based on some wacky woo woo pop science garbage that has been passed around by all manner of crack pots. Because […]

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Flat Tax and Carbon Tax

With the elections coming up, everyone is thinking about taxes. Will they raise? Will they fall? Will they get more complex? Will they fix all the crazy loopholes? Will they put in a carbon tax? Well, I’ve got a few ideas about how the system “should” be set up. I’m no economist, but I do […]

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Google Suggests Suicide!

Make money, lose weight, or kill yourself! Google makes suggestions for what you might be searching for based on trends. The image below shows Google’s suggestions when “top 10 best ways to” is typed in. Now, I know that Google isn’t actually suggesting that I should kill myself. What it really means is just that […]

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Water Powered Cars?

I remember hearing stories when I was young about cars that ran entirely on water and I was fascinated by the idea. However, after a lot of thought and learning about thermodynamics I realized that it had to be a load of hogwash. There are a lot of people trying to make claims that simply […]

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Slim Obsession

Check this out: Now, she goes into a little side rant about cigarrette ads and smoking that I don’t really agree with. But the most important message is fairly clear. Now, nicotene is an appetite suppressor… but I certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone smoke to loose weight. To see my opinion on the matter of the […]

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The ADD Excuse

Many children, and even adults, are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD(Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder… hereafter referred to as ADD) every year. Some would argue that there is an epidemic. While others, such as myself, debunk it as a load of bull. Yep, this rant is about the ADD excuse as I like to […]

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Fat Bottom Girls

Alright, what is up with women’s obsession with the size of their posteriors? Women now-a-days are obsessed with their weight. They’ve got it in their heads that if they don’t look like the anorexic drug addicts they see on television and in magazines that they’re not good looking. They’re torturing themselves and feeling self conscious […]

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More fun games, not pretty games

I’ve been noticing an amazing trend in games over the years. As technology advances, we are better able to create more and more realistic games. Graphically games are becoming more and more advanced with high resolution textures and models, great animation and extensive storyline. One would think that this would mean better games right? Wrong! […]

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