The Flu Vaccine Scam

Readers beware, there has been a long, on-going scam dealing with the flu vaccine. Many health care facilities have been pocketing your hard earned money by injecting you with immunologically useless, and often dangerous materials. Be very cautious with considering getting the flu vaccine. What’s going on you ask? Have some groups replaced the actual flu vaccine with something else in order to make money? Not really, in fact you might be safer if they had!

That’s right, I’m going to rant about the flu vaccine. I’m going to start off by saying a few things which I will later back up with some rather damning facts. The flu vaccine does not work, will not prevent you from catching the flu, and actually increases your likelihood of contracting this common illness. That’s right, it’s a bunch of garbage. Now let me explain why.

First it is important to know the method through which the vaccine is developed. Scientist track statistical data to guess at which strain of the flu will be the most common the the next year. They then take that strain and culture it inside chicken eggs to mass produce it. So when next year comes, they’ve got a whole store of the flu virus that has been growing exclusively inside chicken eggs. They then neutralize these viruses by boiling, freezing, acids, and/or bases. These dead viruses are then made into the final product, the flu vaccine.

Some facts about immunity:
1) Our immune system produces and releases antibodies that attach to the protein sheath that surrounds the viral DNA.
2) The genes responsible for that sheath mutate so quickly that we cannot remain immune to it… it’s always changing.
3) The virus that the doctors thought was going to be the big strain is always different from the wild type strain (since it developed in people instead of chicken eggs under the strain of different environmental factors as well as an actual immune system).
4) The process that they use to kill the viruses isn’t fool proof. Some survive and they can still make you sick.

Alright, so I’ve established a few things:
1) The flu vaccine cannot give you an immunity to the current flu because the viruses are so different (due to mutation and genetic drift) that an immunity to one does not mean immunity to the other.
2) You might just catch the flu from a vaccine because it contains small amounts of live virus.
3) If you do manage to catch the flu from such a vaccine it will be from a virus that was cultivated in a laboratory, inside chicken eggs, without the hindrance of an immune system, and that survived being boiled, frozen, and/or burned with acid/melted with bases. In other words, you just caught some nasty bug.

Now, I don’t know why they are trying to sell this stuff so much. It doesn’t work, it could get people sick, and they’re suggesting that all people with “weakened or compromised immune systems” get the shot. To me that sounds a bit fishy. I would argue that ANY evidence of the flu vaccine having a beneficial effect is rather the effect of “working out” the immune system and giving it some practice rather than any actual immunity. It would be much easier, and cheaper, if we just occasionally ate some dirt… or just use less sanitizing cleaning products and antibiotics.

If I where a conspiracy nut I would be all over this mess. However, I’ll leave such musing up to the rest of the overly paranoid population. I’m more than happy just to let everyone know that I am never going to have a flu shot and that everyone should think very long and hard about whether or not they will either. I have actually wanted to argue this point with a doctor for a while… (but I rarely go to the doctor) There’s no getting around it though. The logic and the science back me up. They are only backed up by hype and fear.

The next time someone tries to tell you that you should get a flu shot, stop, think, and remember that it makes no sense. If it’s your doctor, question their motives immediately. They may have been dazzled by numbers and charts, forgetting their basic biology lessons… or they may be getting money from the pharmaceutical companies that develop , distribute, and sell these vaccines.

I hope that I have opened some eyes. The flu vaccine is a scam, don’t be fooled, get all the information. Just because your doctor has a medical degree doesn’t mean they have your best interest in mind.

In case you’re interested, I’m no the only one that sees this mess for what it is. Check out this article for a bit more information.

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    I just have to say I loved your article and I agree 100%!


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