Fat Bottom Girls

Alright, what is up with women’s obsession with the size of their posteriors? Women now-a-days are obsessed with their weight. They’ve got it in their heads that if they don’t look like the anorexic drug addicts they see on television and in magazines that they’re not good looking. They’re torturing themselves and feeling self conscious for no good reason. Seriously, there is something wrong with this world if women think they need to starve themselves to look beautiful. It’s just not true.

Women, let me tell you something. GUYS LIKE BIG BUTTS! Yep, I said it. In the immortal words of Queen “fat bottom girls you make the rockin’ world go round.” there is nothing wrong with rounded edges. Women, curves are far more attractive than angles. The curves of a woman’s body are a very attractive thing. There’s no reason to have your bones sticking out everywhere in an attempt to appear attractive. Also, and this might sound bad, but men aren’t really that picky. No matter how you look, there’s a guy who’ll love it.

To me, the only body types that are unattractive are anorexic and obese. So, if you’re Skeletor or a pumpkin patch kid, you might want to reconsider your diet. Otherwise, you’re healthy enough and that’s what really matters. Big women, little women, women of all shapes and sizes, I guarantee you that your confidence and how you carry yourself is what matters the most. I can also guarantee that the vanity of a woman who whines about a few extra pounds is FAR more repulsive than that supposedly extra weight.

When my wife asks me if her butt looks big in whatever she’s wearing, I respond with “Yes it does, and it’s super hot!” The funny thing is, that’s is TOTALLY contrary to how I was raised… which was to never mention/guess/comment on a woman’s age, weight, or pregnancy status. If a woman asks you if she looks fat she wants to hear “no honey, you look beautiful, those pants are really slimming.” but I found that to be dishonest.

In any case, women, get over it. You look fine. You don’t have to compete with the women on TV so there’s no use trying. As long as you’re happy and healthy, who cares? Be proud of what you’ve got. There’s no need to feel self-conscious. As I’ve always said “If a person cannot see you as beautiful, it does not mean that you are not so. It only means that they do not really see you.” and “If truth is beauty and beauty truth, then as long as you’re true to yourself, you’ll never be anything less than beautiful.” and it’s true! It is so true. It is my sincere hope that one day, the women of the world will discover that they don’t have to listen to the media and realize that they are beautiful.

Just remember, the clothings stores, the makeup manufacturers and quite a few people in between all make money by making you feel bad about yourself. They make you think that you need their products/services in order to be attractive and it’s just not true. Don’t fall for their dastardly advertising/brainwashing tactics. Be your own woman and be proud of who you are. Trust me, we’ll love you for it.

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(13) Responses to “Fat Bottom Girls”

  1. Mary S Says:

    i agree that women don’t all need to look like models, and fat butts are acceptable to some, yada yada yada. my problem is not that my ass is huge. it’s the fact that i’m disproportionate (nothing up top, too much in the back), and you know that.

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    Ah, but who determines what the proper proportions are? Against whom do you compare yourself to determine these proportions? You look great. Now, I didn’t marry you for your body, but I certainly think that it was a DEFINATE plus. In any case, I don’t see you falling backwards from the weight of your trunk. You’re balanced out well enough to keep you upright anyway.

    I love you baby, and I love that big ole’ butt of yours too. :P
    (if no one can tell, or anyone is confused, Mary is my wife)

  3. Susie Says:

    This is a good post because women need to hear and read things like this. It’s very difficult to get over generations of being seen as a pretty object if you don’t have something to replace the negative thoughts with. When I grew up my task was to look pretty and I thought my sisters looked prettier than me. As a teenager I thought I was fat, but I wasn’t. Today when I’m middle aged I’m more comfortable with the extra weight I have than I was as a teenager with normal weight, because back then I was told I was fat because I was bigger than my sisters.

    If your told something often enough you start to believe it.

  4. Sharon Says:

    Nathaniel and Mary S, we disturbing a private conversation :)

    Kudos to you Nathaniel. We still have no clue after all this time…. self love goes a long way to accepting one’s self. Unfortunately, we seem to think there is more to love *on our body* than we’d like.

  5. Nathaniel Says:

    Thanks. You’re totally right. I must admit that a woman’s appearance does have an effect on men. But at the same time, what we find attractive is not what the media says we do. Heck, what most people think we think is attractive is untrue… I think.

    The way I put it is fairly straight forward, “your looks can get your foot in the door, but it’s your personality that determines whether or not you’re let in.” Good looks is no substitute for a good personality and confidence.

    Thanks for stopping by… several times, watch out, you may become a regular! EEP!

  6. courtney Says:

    well, ok, you went there and now i will go there!! weight became an issue (for most) when it was effecting your health. obese people….thats what like over half of america? what about the morbidly obese people who actually want to loose weight but have tried EVERYTHING and nothing works? sometimes its a good thing to see those ads that tell you to slim up fatty cause for a lot of people…its life of death! tell mary she is beautiful…shes what, like 120lb…if your sitting on her lap maybe!!! love ya guys!

  7. Sharon Says:


    Looks like I’m a regular now. But you have some entertaining view of life. Kind of refreshing actually.

    True, looks can only last you awhile, but I gotta tell you that door holds open for you much more longer when you got the looks.

  8. Nathaniel Says:

    That’s a good point Courtney. This whole rant was mostly directed to those who whine about a few vanity pounds.

    Even if someone needs to loose some weight, I don’t think that the way the media makes them feel is right. I am all for people changing their weight to be healthy. I’m not OK with people trying to loose weight to look better… although I’m oddly all for people trying to gain weight to look better.

    And hey, Mary and I both think you’re super hot! I know you know this, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it either. (for eveyrone else who is somewhat confused, Courtney is Mary’s sister-in-law) We love you guys too! ^_^

  9. Greg Says:

    i just thought it was a numerical thing, because there are more girls with fat bottoms than not…

  10. Nathaniel Says:

    perhaps that is proof that the genes for a fat bottom are selected for when it comes to attraction and reproduction. Or it could simply be that a rounder figure usually is a sign that a woman has higher levels of estrogen, and is thusly more reproductively viable.

  11. courtney Says:

    fat bottoms are in now…didnt u know?

  12. Greg Says:

    Isn’t it just physics? Galileo noticed it first, and got into trouble for stating the obvious!

  13. Alex Says:

    You absolutely right about industry of beauty. It’s all about the money, not the way you feel. It is important how we feel inside and not how fat our bottoms.

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