We're all PINK on the Inside

I actually just sat down and banged this up in a couple of hours in Adobe Illustrator. I was suprised at how easily it came to me. I've had the idea for the longest time... but now that I have a website and a store to sell stuff at... I can't seem to stop the ideas from flowing.

This is a direct stab (pun intended) at the Gothic subculture (or rather the sub-group known as "skin goths"). I actually consider myself quite Gothic, but not because I wear all black and heavy eyeshadow. I am Gothic because of my morbid sense of humor… as evidenced by this particular piece. I have never been too fond of the elaborate makeup that some Goths wear. Although I think it’s totally HOT! I also think that it’s vain and pointless… although I think the hotness might be some sort of use. I suppose I’m just against it because I’m too lazy to put forth that much effort into my appearance. In which case, I have no room to talk.

The quesiton we must ask ourselves is: "Arethey suprised that their guts are hanging out? or are they suprised to see that they are, in fact, pink on the inside?" The world may never know... and I certainly wouldn't suggest anyone try to find out.

Good news for the sickoes out there, this is available on CafePress as t-shirts, mousepads, and prints. Feel free to take a gander.
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