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Dark Angels

This is a photo that I've manipulated of Mary and I in our Halloween costumes. I just put us in a different background and added a glowing effect so that our dark features could still be readible. We spent a fair amount of money on these costumes. But we love the clothes and are likely to continue to wear them. Mary got most of her outfit at Hot Topic. I was suprised that they actually are one big "goth kit" store. They're your one-stop-shop intant-goth store. I couldn't bring myself to purchase anything from them and instead borrowed a shirt from friend and bought a leather overcoat from burlington coat factory.

As for the wings, Mary's where purchased at Hot topic to save some time and money. Mine are made out of cardboard, 3 wire hangers, almost two rolls of black duct tape, black pantihose, elastic bands, 250 turkey feathers, 20 goose feathers, and three sets of rooster hackle (all purchsed here).

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