Plugins I use

As I’m sure you know by now, I use Word Press to manage my site. It’s just so much easier than coding this garbage on my own… and it’s free. I use a few WordPress plugins in order to make this site a little more accessible and functional.

  • Pluginstaller Is a must for any wordpress account. It just makes the whole process of adding and managing plugins so much easier.
  • Akismet is just a nice little spam filter. Knocks out a ton of unwanted garbage.
  • Bad Behavior knocks out a ton of spam bots as well as some hacker attempts.
  • AWSOM PixGallery is a fairly useful plugin that I use to display my gallery. It could be a little more functional, but it is still in development. The next version will probably have everything I could possibly need. By far, the most useful of the gallery plugins, all the others where complex or ugly. Also, because it loads a new page when an image is clicked on, it give me more ad impressions, which is always nice.
  • AWSOM News Announcement is a cool little plugin that I use to show my site introduction on the main page. It prevents it from showing up as a recent post like WP-Sticky would do. It also keeps my intro out of my RSS post feed. All in all, it does exactly what I want it to, and nothing that I don’t.
  • Stats is an awesome plugin that allows me to see how much traffic I’m getting, where it’s coming from, and where it leaves to. Don’t worry, it doesn’t log personal information. It is extremely useful though.
  • All in One SEO Pack is a very versitle plugin that allows me to optimize my entire site for the best search engine ranking.
  • Guest Book Generator just made creating a guest book super easy.
  • Contact Form is responsible for the contact me page.
  • WP-Email is a simple plugin that allows people to email their friends about individual posts/pages. Very useful in spreading the word.
  • Different Posts Per Page is a simple plugin that just makes the site load faster by limiting the number of posts that are displayed on various pages.
  • Easy Tube is what I use to show my Youtube videos. Also works for google video.
  • XML Google Sitemaps is a neat little tool that automatically generates a sitemap and informs google, yahoo, and ask about it every time you add a post/page.
  • New Tag Cloud is the plugin responsible for the ton of links to the right of this message. It helps to bolster the content on each page and provides an interesting way to navigate through tags.
  • WordPress Database Backup is a cool plugin that I haven’t had much use for yet (luckily). It backs up the WP database and can even email it to a specified address every day/week/month/year as you request. I’ve got it sending me a backup every week just in case. This way, if the internet grimlins decide to attack my database, I’ll only be a set back a week.
  • Decayed Theme by Viktor Persson is the template/theme that I based my website design on. Mostly, I just modified the images to sport my flame chimera and flaming headings and horizontal rules.

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